Sunday, April 20, 2008

on good music.

Last night, I got to see Girl Talk play a show outside, for free. (This after I had previously expressed envy over one of my blogrollers getting to see him. I felt pretty lucky.) The best part of the show was that, as I already mentioned, my best friend was in town! So that was sweet, but it went so much more than that. It was awesome to me to be able to see this guy so clearly spazzing out over the music he was creating. He was working the laptop and dancing his ass off, jumping on the table, all while being surrounded by people who were dancing with him on the stage.

It was sweet.

I talked a lot while I was there about how amazing it was to have someone continuing the work of pro-pop culture people like Susan Sontag (and I do totally see it that way. We can take that point up a little later if you want to talk about it any more.) by affirming the right of people to love pop music. I've always loved pop music. I love that everyone knows the 'Crank That' video and I love that they do it at halftime of important sporting events while FreeDarko talks about it on some meta level. I'm serious, I really do love it.

But I also really love me some Radiohead/Sigur Ros/Nine Inch Nails, avant-garde type of stuff. I love ambient noise, and I like noise experimentation.

So what could be better than bringing it all together, seeing how it fits?

I love seeing how we're all liking the same thing on a basic level.

Back to the point: Girl Talk was incredible. He's an indescribable talent and I'd love to be able to talk with him, see what he's thinking when he hears how these things fit together. But barring that, I'd love even more to be able to spend my entire summer just trying to learn to do what he does with even a hundredth of his skill. Maybe that'll be my summer job.

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