Wednesday, April 2, 2008

on 30 days of night.

First of all, a brief note to say that I stayed away from the Internets on April Fool's Day and I'm glad I did, from the looks of it. Not that it's bad, but I just love to fall for some of this stuff, and it would have gotten me way too excited. A fake BitTorrent release of the Apple 2.0 beta? Wow, I would have been slobbering all over myself. Colonizing Mars? Sounds good! I love April Fool's Day, it always gives me so much hope, only to be mixed later with amusement and crashing realizations.

Anyway, I got a chance to watch the movie 30 Days of Night the other day and it was great! The movies that I've been watching lately seem to have common roots as this one also came from a graphic novel but I swear that wasn't the intended genre, at least not this time. (Although it does make me want to watch V for Vendetta time and time again. Great flick.) 30 Days was good, I can see why some people might not have liked it, but I would also say (guess?) that those people either hadn't read the graphic novel or didn't care for that original version. (In which case...why see the movie?)

It followed the story closely enough for my liking, although there were certainly some pretty huge differences. I found myself watching it wondering if they could do a sequel to it like they did with the graphic novel, and if so, would they call it Dark Days? They set up the vampires well enough in this one and a couple things could still transfer over from the sequel comic to the potential-sequel movie, so that might be cool. Did it make enough money to justify them considering a sequel? These are all the things I contemplate.

Regardless, Josh Hartnett did well. Melissa George was impressive, I think I've seen her before, but I can't place her. (Her wiki page says she was in Dark City but I don't remember her from that, as well as Mulholland Drive, which I wouldn't remember no matter what. Crazy film, that one.) The real scene-stealer, I thought, was Danny Huston as Marlow. I knew that the movie would hinge on his performance, at least for me, and I was happy to see that Huston portrayed him as intelligent and savage all at the same time.

Overall, a pleasant experience.

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