Saturday, April 26, 2008

link of the day.

"It's part of the romantic tragedy of our age that our partners must be seen as compatible on every level."

Great article up on the NYTimes about how people break up based on literary taste. I'd love to meet a girl who loves comics and philosophy, but I do worry about having too much in common with anyone. It seems like it might not be such a good thing.


Mindy said...

Not trying to be blog stalker girl today - but it's a tribute to you and your blog that your subject matter inspires commenting, I suppose.

Anywho - your NY Times article made it into one of my daily blogs:

Stuff White People Like
(sorry, don't know how to link stuff in the comment section)

SWPL is a satirical blog kind of poking fun (but not TONS of fun) at the "right" kind of white people. Liberal, do-gooders and all that. It's been trickling in the last couple of weeks from daily posts to weekly (cause the writer got a book deal).

Sometimes the blog is funny (especially when it's not aimed at things I hold near and dear). Sometimes it's painful.

I totally dig your thoughts on compatibility though. It's really nice to share interests with a significant other, but I think folks who COMPLETELY share all interests...that's kinda scary. For the things that you REALLY love though - it's great if your partner can at least tolerate them.

Honestly - I don't think I could ever kick someone to the curb for not reading a particular author or book. Dan doesn't read most of the "literary" books that I do. So, when I want to talk about literary novels, I talk to my English major friends.

Dan's into comics though, and we read and talk about them. That's frickin awesome!

I guess that's why people have relationships with others, ya know - friends, family and co-workers. Because not everyone is completely compatible 100%, especially when it comes to interests. I'm more concerned with important issues like - lifestyle, communication, and financial compatibility.

Sorry - totally ranty. :) Thanks for the fun subject matter!

Much Love, Mindy C

Brando said...

I like that the example book in the picture is The Stranger by Camus. Which is in fact, my number 1, so much so that some friends and I tried to make a movie out of it in high that book.

Like Raskolnikov, but lazier...

Michael said...


To do linking in the comments, it works the same as linking in entries. HTML is supported.

As for SWPL, I love the blog, I've been following it for a while, and I think that's actually where I got the NYTimes link from! I can't remember because I go through so much stuff every day and I use del.ici.ous to keep track of all the links on different computers, etc. but I do think that's where it came from, so I'm glad you noted that.

As far as compatibility, I'm right there with ya. Some things in common is great. All things? Probably not so great. I've always said that if I met me, I'd kick my ass. We wouldn't get along. :)

Mindy said...

Er - I don't think I know much html. Honestly, I'm feeling lame about that issue, and considering taking a web design class in the future just so I'm not left behind the rest of society.

I could probably also look it up, but I'm feeling too lazy right now. ;)

YAY for SWPL! Not sure how I stumbled upon it, but I was really intrigued when the posts were coming on a more regular basis. The comment section has also degraded in the past couple of weeks too. Clander keeps threatening to moderate, but I haven't seen it happen yet.

About you kicking your own ass *grins* - I've met folks similar to myself, and we never seem to get along either. Guess that's why "opposites attract," right? For balancing purposes?

Much Love, Mindy C