Thursday, March 20, 2008

on myspace.

Note: Edited to take out a silly portion justifying my silly use of curse words. I'm taking that out, but leaving the entry, because the point still stands.

What kind of crap is this? MySpace appears to be (self-?) censoring links to external sites put up in blogs. What's that about?

I hadn't read at all about this and the only reason I Googled it last night is because as I was posting that last blog over on MySpace (thanks for the easy cross compatibility functions, you wankers!), I noticed that all of my hyperlinks were renamed.

They all start with "msplinks" now and when a person clicks on one, they redirect you to a page that warns you, "You are about to leave" and includes the warning language, "External Link Alert." What is this crap?? Because some tweens and older folk don't know about phishing sites, now every single link on MySpace redirects to their childish warning system? Or is it just mine? Have I done something to anger the MySpace gods? I mean, I know I talk crap about your interface constantly and I even said that I didn't care one way or another about you, but is that a reason to go interfering with my blog?

Oh, I see. It is. Thanks, Web 2.0 Kiss my ass.

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Brando said...

For sure it's not just you. And it's not just on the blogs, it's myspace comments, and any other external myspace link. And you already called it, this is because little kids and old people are stupid when it comes to the phishing and they are the morons with stolen identity. Fucking shithead cunt-face idiots (that's a healthy dose of cursing yeah?)