Monday, March 10, 2008

on failure.

I have to write something, but I'm so depressed right now.

Gonzaga just failed to capture their ninth WCC championship in ten years to the same team that stopped them last time. It's not really such a big deal for GU, since they'll still get into the Big Dance, but St. Mary's had such a good year too and now San Diego's won the automatic bid, it puts other teams that were (are?) on the bubble (notably my home team) into a poor position. Luckily, UNM still has a chance to keep its destiny in its own hands, it's just a bummer.

Also, Feels Like Sunday, a local band with whom I used to hang out a lot, has broken up. It's always a bummer when talented people part company, but I think locals could see this one coming for a while. It's depressing, but not completely unexpected. Doesn't change the sadness, though.

Lastly, on the least important news, I was playing one of the best rap albums of all time (and one of my personal Top 5 - the only hip-hop in there) today at lunch, and two of my favorite students were in there as well, and they were complaining about how it wasn't "good hip-hop." I straight up told them that I forgave them in advance for their silly, stupid opinions simply because of the fact that they were young and ignorant, but that if they continued to be so silly in the future, we'd have definite problems.

Thus concludes my (somewhat) personal and (totally) depressing entry.

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