Sunday, March 23, 2008

a history of violence.

Just got done watching the superb film from 2005 with Viggo Mortensen in it, which was actually an adaptation (a loose one, I find, from reading the Wikipedia page for the film) of a graphic novel.

I first want to say that the more that I see of Viggo (primarily, that being outside of the Lord of the Rings trilogy), the more impressed I am. I watched Eastern Promises the other night as well (my Netflix-ing goes in cycles, as you can clearly see) and it was good. But not as good as this one. I think a lot of credit clearly goes to Croenenberg, who is a masterful director, but Viggo does a lot of the heavy lifting in this film.

A couple notes, upon watching a few of the special features: the distinctions that the MPAA makes between this rating and that, based on some crazily specific things in a handful of scenes really is ridiculous to me. This spurt of blood warrants just an R rating, but that spurt of blood is unacceptable? If they spent more time giving out pamphlets or putting on classes on how to correctly parent children, I think they'd have to worry about what to allow or disallow a lot less. But that's pretty typical for not only a government agency but one that's primary purpose is censorship.

I digress.

The film is amazing, I'm prepared to give it a 9/10 and a hearty recommendation for all those who haven't (at this late point) already seen it. I know I'm late to a lot of these parties, but so are some other people sometimes. So if you haven't done it yet, go check it out.

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Brando said...

Again, my stance on child birth remains the same. To produce offspring you and your mate must pass an IQ test scoring above a certain level, and a financial viability exam. I suppose parenting classes could be warranted, but wouldn't they all be raised the same eventually.