Monday, June 29, 2015

comics for the week of 06/24/15.

Still genuinely excited for Marvel, still aghast at the mess that DC has made of itself. Nothing good from the Distinguished Competition again this week, despite my trying out some of the alternate titles that Dave suggested, as well as my dabbling in the mainstream. Nothing even suggesting hope, outside of Injustice. What an ironic shitshow.

Daredevil 16 - That certainly looks like blood underneath Foggy and there is no part of that that's good. Kirsten also appears to be in a not great place. Man, the offer that Matt presented to Kingpin was great - I did not see that coming. But it appears as though Fisk has out-thought him on this one. I'm confident, of course, that'll change, but there are going to be some damning consequences first, huh? I mean, there are a lot of players on the board right now: Owl and his daughter, Shroud and his ex, the anti-DD coming back as a dangling plot device and, of course, Matt and Fisk. (Sidenote: are we really going to have to base everything on TV and movies now? Fisk in his art gallery? But I loved that they weren't the stupid white canvases [appropriate for the story we got told in the Netflix series] but rather all tortured looks at killing DD.)

Fight Club 2 2 - It still seems kind of pointless. I mean, if he's going undercover at the Paper Street Soap Company to find out what Tyler knows, Tyler will be able to give him away, right? Unless he NEEDS hypnosis to resurface, in which case we might be getting somewhere. The art is still fine, Marla's still fine, but I have a feeling the kid is not exactly the desperate case that he's being presented as.

The Walking Dead 143 - Well, we're definitely seeing a changing dynamic. I'd be interested in hearing what the crew who claimed that TWD never changes say to this issue. Alpha is putting Rick in his place. The only real question remaining is if she really wants to be left alone, or if she's going to imperialist that shit and try to spread her values onto our gang. Carl's coming into his own as a character, but it feels cheap, if only because almost all young love is. But if that's what it takes for him, well, shit, most of us did it that way, too. (And we were misguided, just like he is.) Maggie's still gonna be in deep shit, none of Rick's crew is hurt just yet, but next issue could be the big switch. Which way's it gonna go?

Book of the week goes to Daredevil. Someday, we will look back at the 21st century as Daredevil's just as much as (if not more than?) Ultimate Marvel's.

Monday, June 22, 2015

comics for the week of 06/17/15.

I also read a bunch of the new DC You books, but I didn't love any of them.

Buffy 16 - Fun, but kind of a filler issue. I mean, we get the reunion, we get a chat between Angel and Buffy (which definitely doesn't go as well as it should - they should both be over it by now; they're adults, Angel even more so), we get Spike placing his mark, and we get a battle. But the battle felt soft, the trap feels obvious and the pace is a bit slow. We're just killing time until we go after the Big Bad at this point, which makes it feel like it's a bit of a worthless issue.

Mind MGMT 34 - Kindt has Meru say "Its foundation is lies" about a building that defies physics and it doesn't even get time to breathe before she jumps into an imaginary, overblown battle: that's how fucking good he is. And the ending? Man. Did not see that coming. Great stuff, as always. I'm a bit concerned for Meru and her gang, but I don't think Meru's in real trouble; the cover makes it seem like the dog's important and I know he's got C-4 strapped to him, but it's gotta be OK for her, right? I mean, she hasn't even had her grand old confrontation with the Eraser yet (I mean...part two). So yeah, she'll be all right. And we finally see the film finishing up with Salvador Dali, and how that plays into the larger plot. But nothing in the margins was both odd and disappointing for this issue.

Old Man Logan 2 - Well fuck me, that was a marked improvement on the last issue and a hell of a good time in general. It's super fun to see the Age of Apocalypse crew again, of course, but the way they mix in the back story of Old Man Logan (shouts to Bobby for being hilarious in every universe) makes it even more special. I think he's going to have a hell of a time in this universe and I think there's going to be some fun easter eggs for the longtime Marvel U fans. Emma Frost is playing a great role in this book, in all her incarnations.

Book of the week goes to Mind MGMT.

Monday, June 15, 2015

comics for the week of 06/10/15.

I also read Batman 41 & 'Tec 41 just to check out the changes, but the best thing about it was the variant Sean Murphy cover. The rest was blah. Putting Manapul on a book for his writing without his art has not proven a winning technique. Boo.

Black Science 15 - Well, the conclusion is up next and, if we didn't think that the Shaman was an alternate version of our cast before (which I don't know why you wouldn't...) we certainly are led to believe that now. Grant's out trying to take care of things, but there's going to be some kind twist to it, right? I mean, it seems like they know what he's doing more than he does. And Kadir seems to have been confronted by himself, right? The kids are coming along in their own right, as well, which hasn't happened since the early issues. It's good, and it's going to read even better when we get 1-16 all in one trade so we can more fully process exactly what's happened.

Rachel Rising 35 - Huh, yeah, all right, that was good. I've been long wondering when this was going to get to another point, whether it was just going to meander around for a while or whether we were going to get another arc. It seems like we've finally got one. There's a lot of stuff going on here, but the best parts are with Jet and Earl. It's cute. OTOH, we've got Zoe and Rachel's relationship progressing, but apparently not enough for Zoe to tell Rachel some pertinent information she's got regarding our issue's guest star, Lilith. Some solid stuff from Mr. Moore.

Saga 29 - For everything I'd heard about this issue, I honestly kind of expected more. It was sublime as always, and the characters continue to grow in the way we expect them to, especially Hazel in her narration. But I'm not into this series for the shock pages and the bit with the dragon didn't even make me chuckle, much less blow me away. The last couple pages, though, did. There's been a lot of sacrifice in this series the last couple issues and I expect that'll continue, but I'm not quite sure where they're going now, with the cast split up, and the constant changes in who's alive and who's not.

Spider-Gwen 5 - Well, OK. So, they're done, huh? Wow, this is shaking out weird. I mean, I knew it had to go down kinda like this, but I didn't actually expect it to end so abruptly. Um...there's no conclusion? I guess I'll have to read Spider-Verse 2 to see where this is going. And don't get me wrong: I expect this book to be back. But for now...well...the Black Cat of this Universe is awesome and the French in the comic was awesome and the Jean DeWolff angle is always good, but... Then it just ended. I don't have much more to say, other than I'm looking forward to wherever they go next. (ETA: Boy, that Spider-Verse 2 was shittastic. I hope that's not going to be where Spider-Gwen ends up, with the various Spiders crew. Shit.)

Ultimate End 2 - There's a Groot Thor, a Storm Thor, a Destroyer Thor, and, of course, the normal variants we've seen before. And it was a far better first page than anything we got out of the last issue. But then they electrified Hawkeye and I was worried. But we get Tony and Tony teaming up, Peter going to see Ultimate Aunt May and Gwen Stacy...what's not to like? Except for the fact that it was over so quickly and doesn't seem to mesh with the mainline book at all and I'm not sure what the point is at all, other than just to sell a couple more copies gloating over the corpse of the Ultimate Universe. Enh.

The Walking Dead 142 - This actually should have been the most perfect issue of The Walking Dead in a long while, but for some reason I just wasn't feeling it. I like Carl's reasoning, and I like Maggie following up with Gregory and Rick, but I don't like the half-degrees she dealt with both of them in. And the last page cliffhanger should have been awesome, but I just didn't feel like I was in any imminent danger. I'm not sure what was off, but something is. It was good, but I didn't love it.

Book of the week goes to Rachel Rising. I'm actually not sure if it's a better issue than Saga, but it felt better.

Monday, June 8, 2015

comics for the week of 06/03/15.

An almost all-Marvel week? What the hell is the world coming to? And I'm even enjoying all of it!

All New X-Men 41 - So it's all coming to an end and Jean Grey is the voice of reason, huh? That seems right. And this is gonna be the end of what Bendis has been working toward, huh? That seems good. So now the question remains: what is that? Does it mean Jean Grey comes back to life without coming back to life? The young mutants get to stay in the present, so we have a bunch of "new" mutants but we don't have to deal with people saying that death doesn't matter. We also get some of Bendis' coolest ideas without being burdened by Bendis trying to constantly making them cooler and cooler - which almost always has the opposite effect. Cool. I'm all right with it, overall.

Angel and Faith 15 – A fun little one-off, but pretty unnecessary. Fred and Angel take a trip to Ireland for no reason. All the dialogue felt forced. No one's connection felt authentic. The walking tour was ridiculous. The innkeeper and her servants were easily disposed of, indicating their importance. The only part that seemed to matter was the ending and getting Angel over to the States. It would have been better to have the issue start with the phone call and then have a comedy issue of how to get a vampire from England to San Fran; does he take a redeye? Does he have to worry about flight delays? How does he pay for it? How does the gang pick him up? Those conceits, while poor, would have been better than this wasted issue.

Future Imperfect 1 - Marvel does dips into the past well. Or maybe it's just that they've got a more rich past? I don't know. I honestly can't figure it out, because DC clearly has the advantage on the generations of heroes. But this was so cool. It's fun to see this wacky version of the Hulk again, it's fun to see the changes that Janis and her rebel alliance have gone through since we thought we'd disposed of the Maestro. It's fun to see the new leader and how he's going to try to deal with bad bad Banner. And it's even more fun to think - shit, this guy might be part of the MU proper going forward. Man, that would really change the Hulk's character.

Secret Wars 3 – Wow. It's everything I could ask for from an event. We've got things implied, but not fully fleshed out. We've got echoes of characters who are familiar and back stories that could go for days but won't – and that's a good thing. We've got circles inside circles inside circles – and I know we're going to get more. But best of all? It feels like there's a concrete plan, a definite story to be told, with a purpose and a set ending. Something huge will be spinning out, sure. It's comics. They almost always have to. But usually we move restlessly from event to event without any real defined story arc set down. That does not feel like it will be the case now. Doom knows what he's done and so does Stephen. It appears no one else does, though, which is good, and also totally understandably explained by Strange. Sue gives a little background on Johnny and we see more of the Thor Corps, but the real meat here is in seeing what's coming up. The last page is setting up quite a bit, but I'm more interested in the middle. Reed reacts reasonably well when he finds out it's Doom, but I don't think that can last. We'll see, though. We've got a lot more room to grow. It's fabulous so far.

Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows 1 - Guh. Several parts of this book gutted me. First of all, her name's not Mayday which is funny (in a good way, because it shouldn't be) but I couldn't help but think of Annie that way the whole time I was reading it. Secondly, it's amazing how strong of a character Mary Jane can truly be. She's a confident woman who's earned her partnership with Peter. They work great together. But otherwise, this was a focus on Spidey and Venom, which wasn't what I was expecting, but maybe it should have been. The Goblins' resurgence, if I'm now remembering correctly, really spun out of this whole ending of the baby ordeal. So if it had never gone that way, maybe Eddie would have remained the number one threat on the board. It was troubling to see Peter make the decision he did in the end, but I wasn't unwilling to believe it. I'm excited to see how it'll finish.

Years of Future Past 1 - Not as much fun, maybe because we've had Days of Future Past overload between the movies and the fact that Secret Wars is filled with much better stuff (?), but still good. Cute to see Wolvie's son and Kitty's daughter as the pair most likely to succeed and weird to see Rachel back in the old-timey Phoenix outfit, but, obviously, appropriate.

Book of the week goes to Secret Wars for the immensity, but Renew Your Vows for the heart. Really, nothing can take down the grand picture that Hickman is painting for us.

Monday, June 1, 2015

comics for the week of 05/27/15.

Blessed, blessed summer break.

Fight Club 1 – We were all worried and I think it looks like that worry was justified. It's not that it was bad. It's just's hard to get lightning back into the bottle. When we were kids and we read the book, it was amazing. And then the movie changed everything. And I don't think that a comic is going to be able to continue those revelations, especially more than a decade later. Plus, there's all we've leared about Palahniuk in the interim. He's not a bad guy and the ideas aren't totally off base, but he's not a good guy, and the ideas are, to a more mature mind, juvenile. The comic in and of itself? Fine. Jack goes by Sebastian. He's married to Marla. They have a kid. There's some weirdness happening with the babysitter. And...Jack's therapist hypnotizes him, brings Tyler out, who's secretly been running the world, guerrilla style, behind the scenes, for a decade. Yeah, it's bad.

Hawkeye 3 - I liked the recurring bottom panels, where we see that great, watercolor approach to the flashbacks, but most of all, I liked that Kate and Clint are getting to have their relationship really fleshed out. I still don't totally trust the kids, but I love that Maria Hill gets a bit role, but one that's important. Also, the hook for next issue's backstory came seemingly out of nowhere, but casting a look back there were plenty of hints. That's one of the best things about this book: it's going to grow organically.

Invincible 120 - Cool. The end of the battle was perfectly appropriate. I know we all knew that Thragg had to win. I mean, as cool as Battle Beast is, it wouldn't be right for anyone who's not Mark to take him out. (I guess this could eventually fall to Nolan or Oliver, but I doubt it.) But yeah, it's finally done. Then we get a lovely litter interlude where Mark gets to play super dad. Those panels were great, man, seriously. It's cool to see such serious time devoted to just showing that he likes hanging out with his little girl. It's rarely shown in superhero comics, outside the occasional issue of Fantastic Four, and I feel like there's some real potential here. But after family play time and a walk through the park? We're reminded that Thragg was not idling his time away – he was building an army and it's damn near practically built. Also, a moment of silence for how intimidating he's going to look every time he shows up wearing Battle Beast's skin as a fur. Fuck.

Sandman: Overture 5 - This. Was. Incredible. Honestly, I don't know if I have the words to review it. Williams' art, sublime to begin with, has transcended itself. Gaimain's storytelling, still so densely layered, is starting to clarify a bit, we're beginning to see the whole picture. The overall effect? The best single comic I've read this year, easily. The thing is, with preludes, we're usually a bit turned off by knowing where it's going to end. But this is a great place for a prelude since the beginning of Sandman proper is such a weird place. (Isn't all of it?) And there's soooooooo much of it. I mean...the cat is here, "our" Sandman is with his mom, we've got a ship in Destiny's garden that's not supposed to be there, a rescue that's not a rescue, a guy who needs rescuing who won't admit it or show any gratitude for its happening, the discussion of Dream's siblings and that bizarre section on Desire and Dream's similarities... There's so much. And it's all incredible.

Ultimate End 1 - Fun, just like last week's Daredevil interlude. It feels like a chance to wrap up some loose ends, but instead, this time around, it was basically only used to make Peter Parker jokes. Which, hey, they're funny, but... It feels like a wasted opportunity, I suppose. I think I'm reconciling myself to the supposition that Ganke will not be around in less than six months' time and that's sad. So why aren't we getting some glimpses of him here. In fact, we saw nothing of Miles in this issue at all. I mean, all his buddies were here, but no panels with him at all? Weird. I like the Tony versus Tony aspect, and I like how well the Thor Corps are being used, but it felt supplemental where it could have felt like an epilogue for the universe as a whole. If we're truly going to nix the Ultimate Universe - if this is, in fact, the end - it should have something great to go out with. And while Bagley and Bendis' reunion won't make everyone happy, it did the trick for me - for one issue. I want more next time.

Book of the week goes to Sandman. The only dilemma is that if Sandman and Saga both come out in a week, will we die from too much greatness?

Monday, May 25, 2015

comics for the week of 05/13/15 & 05/20/15.

EOCs, EOY exams, finals, etc. Sorry to be late.

Black Science 14 - It was pretty and I'm glad I read it, but I know I've said this about Black Science before: I'm almost definitely going to have to read this in trade. It's just too...overlapping for me to make any sense of. In monthlies, with all the different versions of the same characters? And the art, while totally beautiful, often obfuscates who's who, maybe not due to artistic style as much as it's due to the costumes they're all wearing. I'm a huge fan, but I think I'll have to step back.

East of West 19 - The most awesome single issue of this series so far? The singular focus really helped, but so did the previous character-building that got us to this point with both Babylon and Balloon. Also, it didn't hurt that the lessons were real. While the boar probably wouldn't have been able to kill him, there's a lot to be said for the fact that they would have jacked him up. And Balloon's method of dealing in half truths is hilarious because he's playing quite the game as well. Also, there was a panel where little Babylon actually, authentically, genuinely looked like little Death. Awesome.

Saga 28 - Saga, man. Fucking Saga. From the first panel to the entire first page. This book is solid gold. But it's so much more than just the first page or the first panel. This book is the greatest example of the sum being greater than the addition of its parts. We meet Halvor. We have characterization of Ghus and Yuma. We see Alana and the killer robot (and EVEN HE SEEMS LIKE HE'S ALMOST LIKABLE AT THIS POINT!) and the Revolutionaries they're with now. And then we swing over to Marcus and Prince Robot IV and the whole time we've got this increasingly knowledgeable narration from Hazel going on. BUT THEN THE END. Jesus. I mean, I should have known with the beginning of the narration, but that's one of my favorite things about Saga: it's so good that it throws all of my normal senses totally out of wack. Damn.

Secret Wars 2 - Wow. That was so so so so so good. So much better than 1. Obviously, we get a ton of world building, and it took until the end, but it definitely (kinda) makes sense. I loved the glimpses we get of Sue, Stephen, Val, and others (not to mention even the lands beyond the Shield). This makes sense as an explanation of Battlworld, and it also leaves the door open for more than 2 worlds in the future (which is something we were all coming to anyway) since this was previously undetected. So, Doom's world is going to be overrun and we're going to see a whole lot of people just naturally fighting each other, especially since the Cabal just landed here. But, the key to this issue, I think, is in who we didn't see - even on the map. The life raft makes no appearance. So the heroes will get to show up and save the day, huh? I'm good with this. Ribic is killing it on art and the story is only getting better. Super happy stuff.

Thor 8 - So it turned out exactly like we all predicted from the get go, but the best thing about this issue wasn't getting the answers that I'd been clamoring for, but rather, the looks from the side via all the guest characters. It's so cool to see Jess and Carol, the All-Mother and Angela (in a not worthless appearance), Sif and the Valkyrie, and so many more, beautifully drawn and all worth our time. The Destroyer left because of Odin, but I kind of hate that, because it truly felt like the gang was on the verge of winning and that might have been more worth seeing? But it leaves long-term potential, too, obviously. And then, at the end, we get the answer we've been waiting for. And while it wasn't a surprise, it also wasn't poorly done. It was well explained and gives us something to watch for a long time, as long as they want to drag this storyline out. I'll be with them.

The Walking Dead 141 - What a contrast with Rick's noble speech; that last page was a killer. But puns and spoilers aside, I am actually starting to side with Negan a little bit. He didn't move at all? He didn't do anything? And Rick just casually discards that? That seems stupid on Rick's part. You can't just have him here as a symbol of your grand self, you've got to continue with this idea of making progress. Andrea is a good partner, Dwight wants out, and Maggie is taking up the reins of leadership in a totally different way. There's some cool stuff happening.

Book of the week goes to Saga. I hope it's always around.


And the next week came and went while I was finishing school, so I didn't get this up until two weeks later.

Buffy 15 - I coulda swore I just wrote a review for Angel & Faith where I said that it looked like the crossovers were done with and that was a good thing. But, to be fair, I think I left a little caveat saying they happened in the TV show once every season (or once every two?) and that'd be fine. So yeah, this makes sense. They need more power, we've clearly been seeing Angel dealing with the same nightmares, so it makes sense. And, again, there'll be the good reconciling of any of the Spike/Buffy relationship tension. So, yeah, it makes sense. But I'm hopeful that when this is over, they go their own ways. They're related, but they're not the same. I think Buffy works best when Angel is on his own. And the inverse is true. They're just so different now. Key example: Buffy forming up her team around her with the line that they're a family. Angel's not part of that anymore. He's got his own. And that's a good thing. The art in this issue bordered on just a little too cartoony for me, but overall, it was great.

Daredevil 15.1 - Fun, unnecessary, but nice to get another touch from the team. Hope they're still around on a Daredevil book post-Secret Wars.

Mind MGMT 33 - That's the best thing about Mind MGMT - everything is planned out, plotted rather precisely. Willie makes his way into the series and we get to see a tertiary character become part of the main focus. His fortune cookie narration over the second plot of the issue was perfect; when this many characters can see what's coming, it's vital that we have this wide lens to cast over all of them, so that we can still maintain the element of belief. And then the bookends. That was cute. But it felt meaningless? Which drives me back to the first point: it must not have been. There must be more to the parents, but they only have a little more time to pay off. It's going to be great, but I'm sad that it's going to be over so quickly. Beautiful stuff.

Wytches 6 - God. That's horrible. But amazing. I mean, I tend to think that I figure stuff out pretty quickly, but I did not see that coming and I thought it was an amazing turn. All the mainline story stuff aside, there was the great background of Charlie putting out his last book and the recurring theme that it was all about Sialor, which is quite meta, obviously. But it was nice to hear all those complimentary things he had to say about her, given their up and down relationship this whole run so far. My biggest wonder is whether this will mean the end of the book as we know it and when 7 comes out, if it'll be set much, much later, or if Sailor will immediately get into the monster-hunting business. Superb stuff.

Book of the week goes to Wytches. Conclusions are the hardest part to pull off, and though this was only the ending to chapter one, it was beautifully done.

Monday, May 11, 2015

comics for the week of 04/29/15.

Convergence is still happening but it's not good.

Avengers 44 - Whoah. I...have no idea. Tony gets Sol's hammer to work. And...the Ultimate Universe is...maybe on board with evil Reed? It seems like he's got them eating out of his hand? And we've got a callback to the old premise of Tony and Steve? And Ultimate Nick Fury was with evilReed and Thanos (and Maximus...) and...then he wasn't? And Clint neither? But the ultimate showdown comes between Tony and Steve and the old metaphor of them being life and death. I don't know how Secret Wars is going to shake out, but I know that it can't end with them being best buddies any more, if continuity means anything. It's gone too far.

Daredevil 15 - Huh. Not what I was expecting. But then again, what else could it be, huh? Man. This is great. I'm curious how much longer it's gonna run (1 issue?) before the Wars kill everything, and what's going to come after. Like I've said about Ultimate Spidey, Miles and his gang, there's been so much development in this book that it would be a total shame to waste it. So, what are we left with? DD's not getting his identity back, so what can he gain from seeing Fisk?

Invincible 115 - Solid. Eve and Mark have the right decision when it comes to the rape, and Terra turns out all right. Eve figures out how to cook, Mark maybe gets a job, but there are some complications, too. Obviously, the job cliffhanger is the biggest one and I love that the preview for next issue says that it'll be the conclusion to that battle. Because, while I got a huge chuckle out of the one page spread of that fight, it's a gag that could go on too long. This will be a great time to wrap it up. Also, Mark's accusation of Oliver's girlfriend probably is going to have some long term consequences, huh?

Multiversity 2 - Well, just like all events, I thought it was cool and there were some awesome moments, but I was ultimately left feeling hollow. It had some cool stuff, no doubt. But it's never been my cup of tea, the Morrison event.

New Avengers 33 - Avengers made me whoah, but this made me really wow. This was the difference between movies and films. And just like most films, I'm certainly not going to claim that I got everything right away. This will bear repeated re-readings. But damn. This was, basically, a conversation between Dr. Strange and Dr. Doom, retconning the whole lot of the universe. (Or, rather, the multiverse.) Damn.

Book of the week goes to New Avengers. I'm psyched for Secret Wars even more than I was before because of this issue.


Secret Wars is here!

Angel and Faith 14 - That was fun, the group shot was hilarious, and the end set things in play for the finale - or at least I think. We see some of the uneasiness we all had about Nadira coming out in that last section, and it appears as though it's a good thing that Fred and Illyria have reached a truce...even if they haven't really, and it'll be a subplot for a while. But the coolest thing is that it looks like Angel's got a whole new gang. I like this idea because it means that he doesn't have to head back to the States and reunite with the Scoobies in order to validate his adventures. He and Faith can have Angel & Faith in Magic Town and crossovers every once in a while can be cool, but they can just live in the same Universe without being dependent upon the American crew. Cool.

Rachel Rising 33 - Welp. I have no idea. It was beautiful and she seems powerful. But like most issues of Terry Moore's latest series, it feels woefully short and full of beautiful panels that are obviously joys to pencil and provide a wonderful look at an artistic process, but do little to actually move the story forward. It feels like a quarter of a chapter at most.

Secret Wars 1 - Well that was cool. Not exactly a promising start for either universe, but I guess that's the point, isn't it? It was good. We saw Doom to start and Reed to end. We saw evil Reed and we saw the Cabal and the (seemingly) obvious end of everything Ultimate. It's a start, but nothing more for now.

Spider-Gwen 4 - It is, at last, at least, finding its feet. This is a title that can be so much more than a one-off joke and I'm hopeful that we'll get some real development while it's around. On the other hand, it can't be around forever, so let's get some sort of plan. If we've got Peter and the Parkers, the Stacys, Frank Castle, the Kingpin and Matt, the Vulture and a few other cameos, I feel like we're good on main characters. That doesn't mean we have to avoid nods, but let's go somewhere. Here, it starts. She's back in the band, she's lecturing kids, she's visiting with the Parkers and there are people on her side. Let's go.

Book of the week goes to Angel and Faith. Meh.